7 Tips From Professional Movers on How to Make Your Move Easier

Prepare for The Move Day

Moving is a stressful activity. To make it less of a pain, you have to be well prepared for the move day. Here are 7 tips from professional movers on how to facilitate your moving process.

1. 3 in-home estimates

On-site estimators can give you a more accurate estimate. They are also better able to prepare their operations team. If the evaluation is done on-site, the estimator will have the opportunity to examine your home’s logistics, such as stairways and driveway length. This information will be very useful to the operations team.

2. Choosing an estimate

When you have received at least 3 in-home estimates, you will have to decide which one will suit you best. This can be a difficult task, since you might receive different types of estimates. This is why you should ask the the estimator for an explanation. If one price is much lower than another, try to find out if the estimator missed anything, so that there will be no surprises on the day of the move.

3. Safety and Training

Inform yourself about the training procedures of the company. You will want to be sure that the team members are well-trained. Ask them how they will protect your belongings.

4. Contact Details

During the moving process, you might want to make some alterations in the plan. You have to know in advance who you are going to contact regarding these changes. Get their direct phone number and email address.

5. Items that won’t be moved

It is best to put the items that won’t be moved in a separate room and lock the door, while the moving process lasts. In this way, the risk of packing something that should not be loaded onto the truck is minimized.

6. Availability

You have to be present and meet the crews when they arrive. Not everything can be sorted out in advance, and they will have questions, so you have to be available to answer them. Otherwise, the entire process will be slowed down.

7. Focus on moving

On the day of the move, don’t schedule any other activities. Moving is a demanding process, so it will need all of your time and attention.

These tips will make your life much easier. Choosing the right movers is also something that can contribute greatly to a smooth moving process. If you are in Sharpstown, Houston TX, call Space City Movers for the finest moving service.

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Ashley Vargas